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UPVC Sliding Window

UPVC Sliding Window

We have a special system for those buyers who have constraint of space. Our UPVC Sliding Window system is available in two track, three track or multi track or multi track shutters with the provision of dust & moisture proof wire mesh shutters. UPVC Sliding Window that we offer is provided with a modern locking technology and appreciated for its durability, zero chocking of shutters, airlight, sound proof and its suitability to all weather conditions.

The Sliding Windows can be categorized as :
  • Two Track
  • Three Track
  • Multi Track

Combination Sliding Windows : Combination with Top Hung, slide openable shutter, top fixed, top hung with 2 shutter glass sliding.

Construction of Sliding Windows
  • Reinforcement : Fully reinforced with G.I. Channels.
  • Wool pile : Wool pille is provide at both side of shutter for air tightness and sound proofing.
  • Interlock : Perfect interlocking is provided.
  • Baering : Standard make bearing provided.
  • Aluminium Capping : Tracks are capped with aluminium capping.
  • Shutter Stopper : High end stoppers for shutters are provided.
  • Locking System : Single / multiple locking system are provided.
  • Water Drainage : Water dranage holes and capping is provided.
  • Removel of Shutter : Shutter can easily removed by removing side adjuster of shutter and refiltted the shutter.

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