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Solid Panel PVC Door

Solid Panel PVC Door

We are engaged in the manufacturing of Solid Panel PVC Door that is made up of 5mm PVC Sheets and have reinforcement of M.S. Frame. These Doors have proven performance for more than 8 years in water splash areas like toilets / bathrooms. The construction of Solid Panel PVC Doors provides unmatched performance unlike other plastic doors, which fail on performance Solid Panel PVC Doors perform like wood while offering durability of plastic.

Specification :
Providing and fixing 30mm thick Molds (India) made solid Panel PVC Door Shutter consisting of frame made out of M.S. tubes of 19 gauge thickness and size of 19mm x 19mm for stiles, 15mm x 15mm for top & bottom rails. M.S. frame shall have a coat of steel primers of approved make and manufacture. M.S. frame shall be covered with 5mm thick heat moulded PVC 'C' channel of size 30 x 50mm forming stiles, and 5mm thick, 75mm wide PVC sheets for top rail, lock rail & bottom rail. Paneling of 5mm thick PVC sheet to be fitted in the M.S. Frame welded / sealed to the stiles & rails with 30mm thick PVC sheet beading on either side, and joined together with solvent cement adhesive etc. An additional 5mm thick PVC strip of 20mm width is to be stuck on the interior side of the 'C' Channel using PVC solvent adhesive complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge, manufacture's specification & drawing.

Note : Width of stiles & rails will vary with the size of door. Recommended size of stiles & rails is shown in the below given table

Technical Information

Door Width Stiles Size Roll Size Remark
2' to 25' 2'' Inch 50 mm 3'' Inch 75 mm -
2.5' to 3' 3'' Inch 75 mm 4'' Inch 100 mm Gap insert of 25mm to be provided between rails & panel
3' and above 4'' Inch 100 mm 5'' Inch 125 mm Gap insert of 25mm to be provided between stiles and rails & panel

  • Solid Panel PVC Door 01

    Solid Panel PVC Door 01
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    Solid Panel PVC Door 02