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PVC Moulded Door

PVC Moulded Door

PVC Moulded Door is made form molded PVC Sheet stuck surface on an internal routed solid core of wood. Through thermoforming process artistic designs are carved on PVC sheet which gives the door a look of high quality, artistically carved wooden door. These doors are suitable for use as main doors, balcony doors or other internal doors where along with elegance and pleasing looks where security is of prime concern and a solid and heavy door is desired.

Specification :
Providing & fixing 30mm thick 'Kumar Arch Tech' brand factory made molded door shutter- wood free consisting of frame made out of M.S. tubes of 19 gauge thickness & size of 25mm x 25mm for stiles, top & bottom rails. M.S. frame shall have a coat of steel primer. The inner panel shall consist of 24mm thick high density P.U. Foam bonded with 4mm thick termite proof, water proof & fire resistant molded PVC sheet with raised panel designs in different plain & prelam colors. On the outer side 2mm thick plain & prelam color PVC sheet is placed. The edge of the panel is to be sealed with lipping of 50mm thick & 30mm wide PVC sheet baton & on stile side 25mm thick & 30mm wide PVC sheet baton is stuck using Solvent cement adhesive. Complete as per direction of Engineer-in -charge, manufacturer's specification & drawing.

Salient Features :

  • Rot and sag free
  • Excellent sound, thermal and electrical insulators
  • Light weight and impact assistance
  • Fire retardant
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistance to chemical, water, termite etc.
  • Dimensionally stable-does not wrap or smell
  • Superior finish on both the sides

Notes :

  • Contractor to check & verify all dimensions before execution of the work.
  • Figured dimension shall be followed.
  • All dimensions are given in mm unless otherwise specified.
  • Iron mongery shall be of aluminum anodized except butt hinges, which shall be cols rolled M.S. or as specified in the tender documents.
  • PVC sheet to be sealed with Solvent Cement.
  • All the details of PVC door shown in this diagram.
  • PVC Door frame shall be fixed to wall using 75mm long M.S. screw through the frame for using PVC fasteners.

  • PPD-B1

  • PPD-B2

  • PPD-B3

  • PPD-C1

  • PPD-C2

  • PPD-D1